Off Road Training

Neville Howard has had over twenty years of experience in training off-road drivers. He is a LANTRA qualified instructor and Greystoke Castle Estate is a LANTRA registered provider.

There is nothing magic about off-road driving, but it is different to on-road driving; under some circumstances 180 degrees different. Once a driver understands what these differences are and what causes them, it is possible to work out what needs to be done to counter the various potential problems. At this point it is no longer necessary to remember the techniques; they are all products of the off-road logic and can be built up from first principles.

Almost all of the mechanical and electronic aids to off-road driving have a disadvantage. Much of off-road driving is selecting techniques and routes, which allow these aids the maximum chance to enhance performance whilst limiting their ability to scupper you. Accordingly, all courses will contain an element of theory; the more extended courses will include more detail. By the end of the period, participants should understand just what it is that makes their vehicle tick.