Our Area

We are unusual in that we regularly drive on much rougher ground than other MRTs to gain a bit of height. We mis-name them tracks, for no other vehicles drive on some of them. Some are very narrow footpaths. Hazards include rocks, boulders, large rock steps, boggy ground, very tight clearances, steep slopes, traverses above a steep gorge, a slippery bank and a river. Very easy places to break vehicles.

During the floods, we spent several days driving through deep water, over washed-away roads full of debris from broken stone walls and such like. The water was sometimes over the bonnet of the vehicle. Each vehicle contained a driver and a swift-water rescue technician. We were seriously concerned about currents – another Landrover and a Jeep were washed away along with several other cars. The snorkels earned their keep!

After a couple of days, we were bothered by stinking fish. We lifted the bonnets and found the engine bays full of lake debris, including dead fish! At its worst, Ambleside was cut off from all directions and ours were the only vehicles moving in and out of the area.