Comments by members of the rescue team

Having little experience or knowledge of driving Landrovers, let alone off-road driving, before the course, you could say I was a little apprehensive. On meeting and listening to Neville’s introduction, any fears I had were immediately allayed. The theory parts of the course were delivered expertly with diagrams and models; I never knew how much science there is to off-road driving. The actual driving itself was tutored professionally, safely and with good humour by a man who definitely knows his stuff.
Nick Kirkham

In a word – brilliant. The classroom sessions learning about the technicalities of the modern Landrover relating to its off-road capabilities were a vital background to the hands on (and feet off) driving sessions, particularly in developing one’s understanding and anticipation of the consequences of getting things wrong in dangerous situations. A real eye-opener and presented by a superb instructor!
John Sayer

Neville has a very calm and confidence-inspiring approach, which enables the unaccustomed and unskilled to learn about the sometimes extreme expectations of the vehicle in an atmosphere free from anxiety. A wonderful teacher.
Stuart Mackenzie

We thought at first that we could only afford to send a few drivers, but soon realised that Neville’s teaching is so good that we needed to send everyone. What we really cannot afford is drivers who don’t understand what they are doing. By far the best off-road driving tuition we’ve found anywhere.
Phil Taylor